7 Life Changing Things You Can Learn Today (For Free!) 1   Recently updated !

(*This post contains sponsored links that help support this site. All opinions are 100% my own.*) Haven’t you always wanted to learn the basics on one of these skills but never seem to have the time? For a limited time, Craftsy is letting you download these awesome PDF eGuides for free! Even if you don’t […]

The Easiest Way To Make a Desk! 1   Recently updated !

You know that tabletop stashed in the corner of the garage ’cause you just know you will find a use for it someday? Well, dust that puppy off because that day is TODAY! Hairpin Legs (easy-attach metal legs) are very sturdy and hold big tabletops like a champ. Best of all? All you need is […]



All The Sewing Sizes You Need To Know! 11

  How many times have I searched for the recommended size for a quilt, and cocktail napkin or a tea towel? Too many to count! Which is why I have made this list of standard sewing sizes as a reference for myself (and you!) for future sewing projects. All sizes listed below are in inches.The dimensions […]

Make Gorgeous (and Simple!) Stacking Rings 1

Have you seen those beautiful skinny rings everyone is wearing? I love them! Here is a super easy crafty tutorial on how to make them yourself!   You will need: Gel glue 20 gauge jewelry wire a crystal or bead – the ones I used were 6mm but 4mm works too. basic jewelry tools (needle nose […]

diy skinny ring jewelry crafts tutorial-5